Precise and reliable solutions for cutting, grooving and threading

Swedish manufacturer of sliding headstock tools specializing in small diameter machining, with innovative solutions to improve cutting, grooving and threading performance.

WhizCut is a leading manufacturer of cutting tools, particularly for CNC sliding headstocks, and offers a complete range of inserts for turning, boring, threading and microdrilling. WhizCut knows well the daily challenges of users of sliding headstocks and is committed to making operations simpler and increasing the productivity of sliding headstocks, making tools available that make production faster, more precise and functional, whether the machining is cutting an external or internal cut.


  • Bleed Angle: Some inserts for axial turning have a sharp edge to give minimal cutting force.
  • Full radius: some inserts have full radius to obtain light radial pressure, long life and excellent surface finish.
  • Wiper: some inserts have a narrow cutting edge, a "wiper" or scraper, parallel to the axis of rotation of the piece, which produces an excellent surface finish.
  • Radius and Wiper: Some axial turning inserts have both a wiper and a radius, to achieve longer life and good surface finish.

WhizCut produces precision CNC sliding head tools such as Star, Citizen, Tsugami, Hanwha, Gildemeister and Tornos.


All standard WhizCut inserts have sharp, fully ground cutting edges. Standard inserts have a positive cutting edge at 2°, 8°, 12° or 20°. The combination of a highly positive rake and a ground cutting edge allows the use of WhizCut inserts for machining most materials. The micro-grain carbide gives the insert a very sharp and at the same time resistant cutting edge. The inserts are also suitable for difficult-to-machine materials, such as titanium alloys and superalloys.

Inserts and tool holders for external turning

WhizCut offers a wide range of tool holders and the widest range of inserts for external turning with automatic headstocks. The WhizFix locking system for external turning on automatic headstocks uses a curved pin and nut for easy, precise and fast. You can adjust or change the insert while the tool holder is in the machine even if access is only on the rear side. Many WhizCut tool holders are available with high-pressure refrigeration in the WhizHip version.

Carbide grades

WhizCut inserts are available in micro-grain carbide, PVD coated or bare with a hardness of over 1700 HV. Standard grades in stock:

  • 8M is an uncoated grade that includes ISO groups K10-K20 and M10-M20.
  • C8 is a TiN coated grade that includes ISO groups K05-K20, M05-M20 and P05-P10.
  • F8 is a multi-layer TiAIN grade, particularly suitable when very strong heat is developed during processing.

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