Fixed and live tool holders
The KGT SAKASHICHI line offers fixed and live tool holders characterized by high product quality, immediate availability in stock and highly competitive prices. In our catalogue, you will find a wide range of solutions for your machining needs, with an ideal combination of performance, convenience and efficiency.
The use of driven tools and tool holders for heads in CNC machines offers numerous advantages in turning and milling processes.

Below are some of the main benefits deriving from the adoption of these solutions:

  1. Increased productivity: Live tools and sliding head and fixed head tool holders allow you to perform turning and milling operations more quickly and efficiently, reducing production times and increasing productivity.
  2. Greater versatility: These solutions offer the ability to perform a wide range of machining operations, such as turning, milling, drilling and threading, on a single machine. This reduces the need to transfer parts between different machines and allows you to optimize your workflow.
  3. Precision and quality of machined parts: The driven tools and tool holders for sliding headstocks and fixed heads ensure greater precision and stability during machining operations, improving the quality of the pieces produced and reducing the percentage of waste.
  4. Reduction of machine downtime: The use of these solutions allows you to reduce tool change and tooling times, minimizing machine downtime and maximizing production efficiency.
  5. Less tool wear: Thanks to the greater stability and precision offered by driven tools and tool holders for sliding headstocks and fixed heads, tool wear is reduced, prolonging their life and reducing maintenance and replacement costs.

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