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Sperimenta le frese di piccolo diametro di UM, che vantano il massimo livello di precisione.

Una gamma ottimizzata per migliorare la qualità delle tue lavorazioni.
Extremely precise and superior quality small diameter cutters, at highly competitive prices. With a wide range of products in stock, we ensure fast shipping times.

UM Co., Ltd. is a company that specializes in the production of carbide end mills. It produces globally recognized high-precision, high-quality products, and is recognized for its quality competitiveness on a global scale.

Since its founding, the UM company has been dedicated to producing highly efficient products, including carbide end mills, leveraging a wide range of field experience. With a constant commitment to customer satisfaction, the company has always given priority to three fundamental principles: people, quality and the environment.

The company's product range, which includes HY-MAX, WIDE-MAX, CO-MAX, DIA-MAX, was designed to offer the most suitable solutions and satisfy the different needs of its customers.

UM HI-MAX burs

Carbide cutters coated with a TiSiN-based multi-layer

  • This coating is designed to protect the cutting edge from heat transfer, oxidation and abrasion.
  • The HY-MAX series was developed for high-speed machining of the hardest and most resistant materials in low-lubrication and dry conditions


Carbide cutters coated with anti-vibration AlCrN.

  • Addition of Si to the AlCrN-based layer to indicate high hardness with good wear resistance.
  • A heat resistant coating with good adhesion to the base material of the instrument.
  • Greater thermal shock stability results in longer tool life for both wet and dry cuts.
  • Excellent cutting life for materials such as plastic injection molds,
    which are prone to instrument blockage

UM CO-MAX mills

DLC coated carbide mills for copper electrodes.

  • Long-lasting and high-quality manufacturing in the processing of copper electrodes.
  • High hardness and low friction coefficient.
  • Excellent machining surface for copper alloys or non-ferrous metals.
  • High precision cutting edge with sharpness.
  • Excellent R-ball accuracy

UM DIA-MAX mills

A polycrystalline diamond coating that has the characteristics of pure diamond.

  • Long life when processing graphite and non-ferrous metals.
  • Cubic crystalline structure SP³.

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