Micro-drills and special drills

Swiss quality at extremely competitive prices, ensuring precision in workmanship and a wide range of products available

Dal Lago TTC is the exclusive distributor for Italy of Sphinx products. Sphinx Tools is a leading Swiss company in the manufacture and sale of precision cutting tools. As an EOM manufacturer, Sphinx has developed extensive expertise in medical technology through close collaboration with leading manufacturers in the industry. Tips and burs are some of the medical tools produced by Sphinx. With special tools it is possible to handle even the most complex situations quickly, safely and economically. Often several functions are combined in a single tool, allowing significant savings in terms of time and money. The cutting geometries of Sphinx products guarantee deep twisting and consequently minimal heat production. The precision-ground and burr-free instruments last a long time even when subjected to high stress and can be sterilized several times.

Sphinx Tools


  • Centering micro drills
  • Micro drills for pre-drilling
  • Step micro drills
  • Microdrills 6xd, 10xd, 12xd, 20xd, 60xd, 80xd
  • High performance tips
Sphinx Tools


  • Engraving mills
Sphinx Tools


  • Reamers
  • Centering micro drills
  • Step micro drills
  • High Performance Drills: 3xd, 6xd, 12xd, 15xd, 16xd, 20xd
  • Reamer tips


  • Micro Drills
  • Drills with multiple diameters
  • Multiple diameter drill – 3 steps
  • Quadro – drill with multiple diameters
  • Quadro – multiple diameter tip – 3 steps
  • Reamers
  • Multiple diameter reamers
  • Pre-hole drill bit and Extra-Long drill bit

Sphinx produces micro cutters for micro applications with proven capabilities ensuring the handling of the most demanding applications.

The ranges include Micro-drills with 90° and 130° angles,
da 0,05 millimetri – 2.00 mm con incrementi di 0,01 mm e punte fino a 15xd.

Two new types are available: the ultra-micro drill with a reinforced shank (Ø 3.00 mm)
and a microtip with a diameter tolerance (of 0/0.004 millimeters).
The reinforced core and exceptional surface finish allow for very precise bore tolerances.

Sphinx Tools Micropunte

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