Complete range of carbide tools

Founded in 1916, Palbit is a manufacturer of carbide tools. Over 100 years of experience allow us to offer a complete range of tooling solutions for carbide and ultra-hard materials at highly competitive prices.

Founded in 1916, Palbit is a manufacturer of carbide tools. Over 100 years of experience allows it to offer a complete range of tooling solutions for carbide and ultra-hard materials. Today Palbit is one of the most competitive brands on the market, continuously growing and a complete supplier of carbide and ultrahard materials solutions, with the highest levels of response and quality. The entire production process is certified ISO 9001:2015 & NP 4457:2007

Palbit: manufacturer of carbide tools since 1916,
tailor-made solutions for productivity and quality

Founded in 1916, Palbit is a manufacturer of carbide tools. With more than 100 years of experience, it is able to offer a wide range of carbide and ultra-hard metal tool solutions.
It currently sells worldwide through a network of distributors, agents and representative offices, with a team of highly qualified technicians. Their modern factory with the latest cutting-edge technology allows them to respond to the highest requirements of customers.

Palbit prides itself on being one of the world's best choices in terms of improving productivity versus cost, continually bringing new solutions to market and launching new patented and proprietary tools.

In terms of tool range, Palbit tries on a daily basis to create the most productive tool range possible and to provide a complete range of solutions to its customers. With 3 areas of business (Cutting Tools, Wear Parts and Rock Tools) they are able to create standard and tailor-made solutions to solve any problem their customers have.

To seek product excellence, they have strict control of the production process certified according to standards ISO 9001: 2015 e NP 4457: 2007. They are also certified regarding the research, development and innovation management system.

Being aware of the high level of demand of each customer, their main concern is to respond to customer requests with qualified technicians, constant research and developments and cutting-edge technology.

They also have cutting-edge service and communications with their customers, using different technologies to do so, such as the Palbit Tech Center (continuous training of their partners and teams).

Palbit is one of the most competitive brands in the market today, with continuous growth and a complete supplier of carbide and ultra-hard materials solutions, with the highest levels of response and quality.

Palbit cutting tools

The Palbit cutting tool manufacturing area designs and manufactures high-performance cutting tools for a wide range of applications. Palbit cutting tools are designed in accordance with ISO geometries or special geometries, for the most demanding applications. The materials used in their production range from carbide, ceramic to PCD or CBN.

What are they used for?

  • Milling
  • Drilling
  • Turning
  • Grooving and separation
  • Threading
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Palbit hard tools

In the wear tools business area Palbit produces all kinds of special tools for different areas, such as chemical industry, pipe manufacturing, oil and gas, aeronautics, electronics, bearings, l paper industry and high precision tools and machinery. Our wear parts are designed to improve performance/productivity, application safety and increase tool life.

What are they used for?

  • Molding of plastic materials
  • Tools
  • Billets
  • Special wear parts
  • Raw parts
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Solutions with technological tools
to improve customer productivity Palbit Tech Center

Palbit offers value-driven strategic solutions that provide a clear competitive advantage to its customers. The company provides innovative thinking for the creative resolution of complex technical problems. The Palbit Tech Center allows us to offer customers the highest technology for tool testing.

Its main concern is to improve customers' productivity through the application of qualified technicians, continuous research and development and cutting-edge technology. It engages directly with its customers (both distribution partners and end users) in technological and process innovation.”

Palbit is continuously committed to the development of new technologies to guarantee its customers the most innovative and advanced tools. This commitment materializes in a series of latest generation solutions that range from the production of new grades of materials to the research and development of technologies for coatings and surface treatments.

These solutions include CVD MT technology, which allows for improved tool performance, thanks to the reduction of friction and the increase in wear resistance. Furthermore, the company has developed multi-layer diamond coatings, which guarantee superior performance compared to traditional coatings. One of the most innovative technologies is represented by nanocomposite PVD coatings with supernitrites, which allow for greater resistance to wear and high temperatures.

Regarding manufacturing, Palbit uses multi-axial and direct pressing systems with very tight tolerances, as well as an accurate HIP sintering process to ensure the highest quality of its products. Finally, the company has technologies for the surface treatment of tools, in order to improve their durability and performance.

All these advanced technological solutions are the result of a constant commitment to innovation, which translates into the creation of high quality products, capable of improving the efficiency and productivity of its customers. Thanks to constant research and development, the company is able to offer cutting-edge solutions, guaranteeing maximum customer satisfaction.

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Cutting-edge solutions to improve
customer productivity – one new product a day

Palbit is always at the forefront in the design and production of advanced technological solutions. The solutions offered include a wide range of tangential solutions (turning and milling), as well as a series of multi-application milling bodies and innovative high-speed tool concepts (milling and turning).

The company owns an exclusive patent that allows it to offer innovative and advanced solutions to improve the productivity of its customers.

Thanks to its constant research and development, the company is able to introduce a new product onto the market every day on average. Furthermore, the company offers the possibility of developing and producing special tailor-made products, based on the specific needs of customers. The company has a large portfolio of standard products, with over 7,000 references available in stock.

Finally, Palbit is constantly committed to the development of new grades of materials, in order to offer cutting-edge solutions to improve tool performance and increase the productivity of its customers. Thanks to all these innovative and advanced solutions, the company is able to satisfy the needs of every type of customer, offering products and services of the highest quality and advanced technology.

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