Precision and efficiency at competitive prices

Excellent combination of product quality, immediate availability in stock and extremely competitive prices. Our range of live tools is designed to meet processing needs with highly reliable performance and an excellent quality-price ratio.

Live tools enable quick and precise tool changes, greatly improving machining efficiency and production capacity, while also improving machining accuracy and quality.

These are essential equipment in modern automated processing and are widely used in various industries: automotive, aviation, shipbuilding, electronics.

KGT offers various brands of BMT tool holders, including driven tool holders for CNC lathes, which have high rigidity and high repeatability, allowing them to maintain stable performance during high-speed machining. This further improves the efficiency and quality of automatic lathe processing.

They are widely used in various machinery, automated production lines, and processing factories, and have received recognition and praise from customers.

Live tools are a key element in improving precision and efficiency in metalworking. They offer superior control during the machining process, allowing operators to complete complex jobs with greater ease and precision.

The importance of live tools is also evident in the growing demand for high-precision mechanical components in industries such as aerospace, defense and automotive. These industries require components with very tight tolerances, which can be manufactured efficiently and precisely with the use of these tools.

Additionally, the use of live tools can also reduce machine downtime and improve overall shop productivity. This makes live tools a valuable investment for any company looking to improve its efficiency and the quality of its production.

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